Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I went to one of my favourite shops in the world, a little charity shop in an alleyway beside a chic little café. Because second-hand shopping is so hit-or-miss, it can be a worthwhile trip or a waste of time. The past few ventures there had been a waste of time, but I got some amazing stuff today.

I was ecstatic to find this Pink Soda skirt today. I knew the Pink Soda label, I'd been swooning over it in House of Fraser one time but I owned nothing from it until now. It kind of looks like a hot tranny mess here, but it looks better on and it's not to everyone's taste. This is one of those pieces that no amount of photos can do any justice- it shimmers and and shines just like a piece of haute couture. The detailing is out of this world;

Dreamcatchers! I love dreamcatchers! I have fond memories of one I bought in a dollar store in Canada when I was younger. It was beige faux-suede with pretty little feathers.

It's also velvet, which I think is going to be a huge hit come winter, but it's light enough to wear in summer. The best part; only 5 euros!

My wardrobe wishes were answered today. I went to my wardrobe and wished for a white dress to wear with golden accesories. So I didn't quite get that, but I think this is even better. The pleating is so pretty, and the roses are so Chanel. I really want a Chanel-esque white and black jacket to wear with this, it'd be so pretty. Maybe next time.

The label is actually River Island, one of my favourite shops. The roses have gorgeous detailing on them too.

That was five euro too.

I guess the people working in the shop didn't notice the detail in this Topshop corset-ish shirt. Each little flower bunch is embroidered with white beads. It was priced at one euro! They might aswell give it away for free, and it's been hardly worn.

The detailing;

So pretty.

And on a side note, regarding my last post;
I was annoyed about the sale too, but really guys, some of you are taking it waay too far over on TheOutnet's Facebook page. Relax, no one died, it's only a sale.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are amazing finds, lucky you!

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