Monday, April 12, 2010


So, all I can think about recently is Miu Miu and pink hair. I thought I had defeated my Miu Miu obsession, but no. After seeing it in Brown Thomas, it is now apparent I would wear that collection for the rest of my life and never take it off. I'd sleep in the stuff, but I wouldn't want anything to happen to it. God, that sounds so creepy.

And pink hair. Well, I have a kind of summer ritual where I dye my hair some crazy color. My parents don't want me to bleach my hair because it will ruin it. (I tried the 'you only live once' argument, all I got back was 'you can do whatever you want when you aren't under my roof, paying for the bleach and dye with my money.' bleh.) So I'm still going to dye it pink, even though it probably won't come out the way I want. I want to wear those Miu Mius with pink hair in a Wang plait and a floaty black dress. I'd be the happiest girl in the world.
If there's any Canadians reading this, do you have any idea where I could buy pink hair dye in Ontario? I can't find it here and I go there every year.


bella francisca said...

hihih big thanks to you darling!

xoxo, bee ♥

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