Thursday, April 8, 2010

A fool and his money are easily parted.

Balmain is infamous. I'm not quite sure why, but I think a lot of it is down to the pricing. We all know about the 1,000 dollar ripped cotton t-shirt, but to me, this is even more ridiculous.

This. This shirt is €12,999.19. Yes. A linen long sleeved shirt with sequins. Oh yes, it's nice alright. But just... oh wow.
And the price is not the worst part. The fact that it is sold out no Net-A-Porter is what makes me feel slightly nauseated. do you know what you could have bought with that money?

.3 of these Marc Jacobs gowns with 125 left over.
(and lets face it, that is much nicer than the sweater)
. 4 of this absolutely stunning Temperley London dresses which I am so in love with, with some money left over too.

.3 Channel Classic Flaps in size Medium in Caviar leather.

.Exactly 2 Hermés bags in basic leather

34(!!!!!!!!!) pairs of those Miu Miu pumps

.33(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pairs of classic Louboutin Décolleté 100 jazz pumps

.144 pairs of Alexander McQueen snake effect leggings

...And I could go on. Person who bought one of those Balmain sweaters, if you're reading this...


beckyxoxo said...

So crazy ! I'd totally buy the Miu Miu and Loubotin instead ! So not worth it !

fhen said...

oh myyy i am a big fan of balmain but i think errr not for that sweater

bella francisca said...

uh oh really missed alexander mcqueen badly :'(
btw, sorry for the late reply your comment at my blog ;p
check my new post!

xoxo, bee ♥

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