Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi guys, if there's still anyone reading.
I've really neglected this blog but with good reason, believe me. Ever since I started 3rd year I've been swamped with homework and study. Even worse, the Junior Cert starts on MY BIRTHDAY. (my so called sweet 16th too, Mam and Dad if you're reading this, I'm expecting some Tom Binns)
So I've been treating myself to some retail therapy because I have to get through somehow, don't I?

Sorry for the horrible photo quality by the way.

I scored these Alexander McQueen sandals for 5.36 plus postage. I love them to bits. They're from s/s 2004 (it took me a long, long time to trace them) and I couldn't ask for a better collection to own something from. (If you've never seen it, you owe it to yourself. But watch video, not picture as no picture can capture the beauty.)
(oh, and the toe marks are part of the design, not from wear. No idea why you would put them on a shoe, but oh well.)
I got this vintage snakeskin clutch from Ebay too. I managed to trace it back to the 1940's with the help of various vintage websites. It's gorgeous.

I went into the new TK Maxx in Newbridge today. I'd reccomend it to anyone, it's not picked over, very well organized (for TK Maxx) and if you look hard enough you can find some amazing bargains. There were loads of stunning Givenchy scarves which I'm waiting to get marked down, all either 40 euro or 50 euro. There were some Oscar De La Renta scarves and Moschino ones too. There were two tiny ChloƩ bags for 500 euro. There were lots of lovely Calvin Klein dresses for 80 euro, a Laundry full length gown for 100 euro, and the best deal there today, a Christian Dior sweater dress for 35 euro. Needless to say, I bought that. I'll post pictures soon.

Thanks so much everyone,

Sunday, September 5, 2010


pics from TFS

Hi guys,
Sorry for the lack of updates, and sorry for doing one of these stupid inspiration posts that everyone does when they're too lazy to do an outfit post. I just started back at school and I've been really busy with trying to get used to it.
I have ideas for where I want to take this blog, I just need time and a few other things to get it there.
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration