Thursday, April 29, 2010

Song for Miu Miu


Monday, April 26, 2010

Nerding out.

I had a little freak out when I saw this and spent most of my lessons fantasising about my new dream outfit.

Skirt is McQueen from ages ago, I don't know the year or the season, I seen it in a video. It's just perfect for the rest, which is Miu Miu. (beige shirt to be worn without the collar and bit of skirt pictured) Can't you just imagine someone who has no clue about banking and money and technicalisticmayjic stuff going in for a job interview in this outfit, just with a riding jacket and driving gloves. The looks they would get would be priceless.
I want to be that person.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yep. As I said in the last post, I done some DIY which I am in love with, and here it is.

DIY dress. Shoes, bracelet and hat; all Penneys.
The dress. It used to be my mum's gypsy skirt, which came with the belt I used as the neckline. I sewed it on as a halterneck, and tied it around the back. I love the way it falls, with the low back.
The hat probably makes it look like I'm on my way to a funeral, but I've been craving an 'Undertaker' hat(thanks to Ewan, my 9 year old brother, for the name) for some time now and when I found one for 4 euro in Penneys today I bought it. I was in Penneys a few weeks ago with my friends and they were making fun of the gold version, actually. I suppose this sums up how different I am from my friends.
My house is just so photogenic, look at the lovely brown bread in the corner.
I can't wait to go to my cottage in Canada, it's so much more photogenic, the area is beautiful.

Oh! This bracelet is just so amazing. It's a snake in case you hadn't noticed. I was going to buy a silver Salamander version on Ebay, but I found this and love it more seeing as I'm a little obsessed with gold jewellery right now. I was thinking of buying the matching ring or another snake bracelet and doing a give away. Tell me in the comments if you'd enter and I'll think about spending my hard earned cash on you.
Oh and Penneys, if you're reading this, please make a YSL Arty-esque ring just for me seeing as I am walking advertisement for you 'n all.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you had a good weekend!

What I wore

I went shopping today, and this is what I wore.

Skirt; Thrifted. Blouse; Alexander McQueen. Belt; DIY. Shoes; Penneys.
Nothing to really say, been a fairly eventless week. But I did do some DIY and I'm in love the outcome. I'll post pictures later.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Uh oh...

Yeah so I totally went out and bought a 200 euro collar with birds on it cos that's how I roll.

I just spent the whole day making this collar thing because I love Miu Miu.
Basically I dissected an old men's shirt and a necklace, and this is the result. It took a long time to get it in a triangle shape. Actually, scratch that, it took me a long time to make it full stop. You don't want to know the details. Instead, lets look at outfits.

I am so unphotogenic and so awkward in front of cameras.
ANYWAAY, I was going to throw this dress out but I dug it out from a big bag in my wardrobe because it was more or less made for this collar. I'm going to go back to the second hand shop and buy the granny pencil skirt with a kind of Miu Miu-ish pattern, and then turn this dress into a 2 piece and cut 2 slits in the front of the top because I can. And then I'll wear Miu Miu-esque outfits for the rest of my life.

I was so tempted to draw pedobear onto this collar but I resisted because the questioning from my mother would have been too painfull and weird. But if there's anyone out there who can make a collar without parental guidance, you should totally do it. And then show me the pictures.

I like turtles!

That little boy is more or less my hero.

I had a bit of a DIY day today. I spent all morning searching for a belt with some really weird animal on it that I could actually afford, but no luck. I left my laptop feeling a little depressed because I couldn't afford Christopher Ross belts. So, while looking through our 'pins and buttons' box(yes, we have a pins and buttons box) for a button for my other DIY project(more in next post), I stumbled upon this gorgeous little turtle.

Accidental flash actually does something productive! It kinda looks like he's falling. Or if you're an optimistic, he's swimming through a glass of milk. Either way, awesome.
I knew I had to have him swimming across my waist one way or another. The pin had broken off him so I needed to superglue another pin onto it.

Anyway, I slid him onto a skinny belt. It's detachable so I can wear it as a brooch too.
I have a feeling he will go everywhere with me.

sorry for the very blurry photos- no matter how hard I tried, every photo came out like that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here are some outfits I put together with my new purchases.

Skirt; Thrifted,Pink soda. Tank; South. Bag; Erickson BeamonxDebenhams. Headband; DIY- vintage Topshop necklace with Penneys headband underneath. Shoes; Penneys.

As I said in the last post, this skirt doesn't photo well. It's much more sparkly and pretty in real life. The same with the bag. I think they were made for eachother.

Top;Thrifted, topshop. Shorts; vintage. Shoes; Penneys. Headband; DIY Vintage topshop necklace.
2 words; Breath in. This top is so tight! And short. It looks pretty cute with the very retro shorts though.

Vest; Vintage, Next. Skirt; Thrifted, River Island. Shoes; Penneys. Studded bracelet; mens, Penneys. Headband; DIY vintage topshop necklace.
I love this skirt. So pretty. I think it looks good with a really laid back, Wang esque vest. This is the real deal folks, it's been washed and worn so many times it's actually loosing it's color. Pretty cool.

I made the headband today, it's very comfy and it looks amazing. I've always loved this necklace but I was never crazy about the choker style- it was too overpowering for more outfits. So I sewed it onto a plain black headband and haven't taken it off since. It's comfy and looks good with everything.

Have a good weekend!


Today I went to one of my favourite shops in the world, a little charity shop in an alleyway beside a chic little café. Because second-hand shopping is so hit-or-miss, it can be a worthwhile trip or a waste of time. The past few ventures there had been a waste of time, but I got some amazing stuff today.

I was ecstatic to find this Pink Soda skirt today. I knew the Pink Soda label, I'd been swooning over it in House of Fraser one time but I owned nothing from it until now. It kind of looks like a hot tranny mess here, but it looks better on and it's not to everyone's taste. This is one of those pieces that no amount of photos can do any justice- it shimmers and and shines just like a piece of haute couture. The detailing is out of this world;

Dreamcatchers! I love dreamcatchers! I have fond memories of one I bought in a dollar store in Canada when I was younger. It was beige faux-suede with pretty little feathers.

It's also velvet, which I think is going to be a huge hit come winter, but it's light enough to wear in summer. The best part; only 5 euros!

My wardrobe wishes were answered today. I went to my wardrobe and wished for a white dress to wear with golden accesories. So I didn't quite get that, but I think this is even better. The pleating is so pretty, and the roses are so Chanel. I really want a Chanel-esque white and black jacket to wear with this, it'd be so pretty. Maybe next time.

The label is actually River Island, one of my favourite shops. The roses have gorgeous detailing on them too.

That was five euro too.

I guess the people working in the shop didn't notice the detail in this Topshop corset-ish shirt. Each little flower bunch is embroidered with white beads. It was priced at one euro! They might aswell give it away for free, and it's been hardly worn.

The detailing;

So pretty.

And on a side note, regarding my last post;
I was annoyed about the sale too, but really guys, some of you are taking it waay too far over on TheOutnet's Facebook page. Relax, no one died, it's only a sale.

Friday, April 16, 2010

theOutnet is popular today!

I'm very sorry to those who wince with pain when they see that dreaded sentance. As most online shoppers probably know, The Outnet held their 1st birthday party today. In the form of selling designer stock for 1 pound.

I came downstairs at 7:00 and turned on my computer. I tried to check the e-mails but it crashed. It took about 10 minutes for the whole process of closing down the inbox and it trying to save your details. Then my McAfee started acting up and I was ready to kill someone. About 12 minutes after the sale I had so anticipated started, I finally opened the e-mail. It took about 5 minutes for the page to load, and a tonne of tries to log in. I looked through the things, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the most amazing McQueen dress. Cream with black tulle running up from the bottom, and the bust was lined with the mouth-wateringly good tulle. As I tried to click on it, it actually took me to the page! But then it was sold out. They hadn't even had time to update the sign of 'sold out' on the image of it. Oh well.
I tried, oh how I tried. A Miu Miu LBD, a Burberry Prosrum skirt, a Fendi dress, a Chloé bag, an Anna Sui floral dress, a knockout Marchesa mini dress, a Temperely London blouse... all failed. Eventually it wouldn't even let me get off page one, never mind actually buy something.
So, with a heavy heart I trudged into school late and signed in, looking as if I had just been dragged through a bush and had lost my most prized possesion along the way. I used the tired old exscuse of 'car wouldn't start' and went straight to one of my least favourite classes, Gym.

My only consolence is that because I was early, at least I actually got the sensation of 'Oh My God, this is gonna be mine! For one euro!!' only to feel a deep sadness when the server timed out. Hmm. Not much of a consolence.

I was wondering the whole day through, how many women feel the way I do? But a quick look at TheOutnet's Facebook and Twitter pages made me feel slightly more... supported because so many girls had missed out on an amazing Rick Owen's jacket or a Marc Jacobs clutch.

So, have they lost themselves a customer? Not really. I mean, they really should have organized it better, and I didn't like the way it felt like an actual birthday. As in, some people will get to go and have amazing stories and some people will be wallflowers with nothing but a serious need for some retail therapy to wash away the dissapointment. But oh well. They obviously couldn't cater for everyone, but I can't help but think that it could have been better if they were serious about it being a success rather than just a publicity stunt.

Monday, April 12, 2010


So, all I can think about recently is Miu Miu and pink hair. I thought I had defeated my Miu Miu obsession, but no. After seeing it in Brown Thomas, it is now apparent I would wear that collection for the rest of my life and never take it off. I'd sleep in the stuff, but I wouldn't want anything to happen to it. God, that sounds so creepy.

And pink hair. Well, I have a kind of summer ritual where I dye my hair some crazy color. My parents don't want me to bleach my hair because it will ruin it. (I tried the 'you only live once' argument, all I got back was 'you can do whatever you want when you aren't under my roof, paying for the bleach and dye with my money.' bleh.) So I'm still going to dye it pink, even though it probably won't come out the way I want. I want to wear those Miu Mius with pink hair in a Wang plait and a floaty black dress. I'd be the happiest girl in the world.
If there's any Canadians reading this, do you have any idea where I could buy pink hair dye in Ontario? I can't find it here and I go there every year.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A fool and his money are easily parted.

Balmain is infamous. I'm not quite sure why, but I think a lot of it is down to the pricing. We all know about the 1,000 dollar ripped cotton t-shirt, but to me, this is even more ridiculous.

This. This shirt is €12,999.19. Yes. A linen long sleeved shirt with sequins. Oh yes, it's nice alright. But just... oh wow.
And the price is not the worst part. The fact that it is sold out no Net-A-Porter is what makes me feel slightly nauseated. do you know what you could have bought with that money?

.3 of these Marc Jacobs gowns with 125 left over.
(and lets face it, that is much nicer than the sweater)
. 4 of this absolutely stunning Temperley London dresses which I am so in love with, with some money left over too.

.3 Channel Classic Flaps in size Medium in Caviar leather.

.Exactly 2 Hermés bags in basic leather

34(!!!!!!!!!) pairs of those Miu Miu pumps

.33(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) pairs of classic Louboutin Décolleté 100 jazz pumps

.144 pairs of Alexander McQueen snake effect leggings

...And I could go on. Person who bought one of those Balmain sweaters, if you're reading this...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and happy Sunday to those who don't. Today I decided to do a slightly cliché outfit which managed to encorporate 3 of the most familiar symbols of Easter; white, yellow and floral.

Dress; Penneys Belt; ?? Bag; Erickson Beamon for Debenhams Necklace; Vintage Shoes; Penneys
Ignore the squint and the old rug in the corner. My back garden is not particularly photogenic. I will end up wearing these shoes into the ground, they're so comfy. I'm going to get a few new pairs when I go outlet shopping in NY and Toronto.

Oh, how I hate to have a Penneys piece as the focal point of an outfit. They're all so recognizeable because they do not have too many. I just fell in love with this Luella-esque dress though.

I do plan on wearing this dress backwards to make it look even more like the Luella dress, but I have not gotten around to adjusting it yet.

The bag was a Christmas gift. It's meant to have a very small chain on it, but I detached it and added a black fabric chain from a Hilary Duff bag I bought from Zellers in Canada when I was younger. It's not too practical, but it's pretty to look at. I can't even fit my phone in it. (In the bag's defence, the phone is a Sidekick and it's pretty damn big.)

I wore that vintage necklace. I really like it, it sort of reminds me of a belt in the sense that it breaks up an outfit. It's very detailed and I can put up with the annoying feeling of it for the looks. I'm very into statement jewellery right now.

My mum is a good table decorator. I love what she done for our Easter dinner.

Aww, those eggs are just so cute.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a good day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shop the Closet

Today, while cleaning my room, I stumbled upon some of my forgotten gems. I spent probably half an hour untangeling necklaces, but it was worth it to re-discover some very on trend pieces which I have probably never even worn.

I think most of these brooches came from my Mum or my Granny. I'm pretty certain I've never worn any of them. The necklace came from my Mum. I really love it, it looks amazing with a really plain t-shirt. It's quite uncomfortable though. The Jack Skeleton necklace came from Disneyland Paris. I love it, The Nightmare Before Christmas is definately one of my favourite movies, and I adore Tim Burton. I've never really worn it though, I'll have to start wearing it again. Kind of like the anti- Alice in Wonderland piece in a way. Maybe that's just in my own head...(not that I'm anti Alice in Wonderland!)

I really like this cuff. I actually think it came from Claires Accesories.(!) I lived for the goodie bags and the 10 for 5 euro sales when I was about 10. I assume this is from a goodie bag. I just took my pink crap and ran, leaving some fairly pretty things behind. The ring came from Penneys. I thought I had lost it. I just love it. It looks pretty expensive, and it was 3 euro.

I think this actually came from the same Claire's goodie bag as the cuff. It's so Miu Miu, the sparrow is practically identical to the ones on the clothes. Words cannot describe how much I love that collection.

Unfortunately, not everything was quite as chic. Maybe I'll list this on Ebay as 'emo scene'? I know this also came from Penneys. I remember wearing this with a long black skirt, a plain white t-shirt and a floral waistcoat from H&M. I suppose the outfit wasn't too bad, but this tacky thing sort of ruins it. Oh well, I'm sure someone out there likes it.

I got a new banner, I had a girl from make it for me seeing as I am technically challenged. If you have any tips on making the layout of my blog more user friendly, please tell me, I've been trying all week to make it better, but to no luck. I'm awful at this.
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration