Friday, January 29, 2010


Heads up Irish ladies- this weekend may be your lucky one.
Head down to Fairyhouse Market this Sunday.
If you can ignore the awful knockoff bags and bongs with stick figures in very personal poses, you can get yourself some great prices on MAC makeup.
I got myself 3 MAC items- Hello Kitty(limited edition) Lipgloss, Pink Slip eyeshadow(perfect for summer) and A purple glitter pot.
So far I really like the lipgloss and the eyeshadow. I'm really dissapointed with the glitter. Firstly, I didn't know it is not meant for your eyes. People still wear it on their eyes though, so I gave it a try. It just got my face full of purple glitter. What's really annoying is that it actually looks really cheap on your eyes. It's MAC for chrissakes! I thought this was supposed to be the Balenciaga of the makeup world?(Balenciaga probably have a makeup line, I'm just really not up on cosmetics.) I tried it on my lips but it just made them look dirty. When you wear the glitter on your eyes, it spreads all over it and leaves loads of gaps. It looks like a 7 year olds attempt at eye makeup. I thought it might look a bit like this;

no such luck. It just looks...messy. I have seen a few tutorials and I will give it another try to so don't just take my word for it, just know its not actually meant to go on the eyes. I bet it looks very pretty on the nails, though. If you really want to try one, I'd reccomend buying a more neutral shade of purple so that if worse comes to worst you can use it for something else.


I finally got a few hours to myself to watch some re-runs of project runway and watch something I had recored- Material Girl.
One day, I was out looking for a nice place to build a city for my children- eh wrong movie (bob and doug ftw)
Anyway, Material Girl. It's a BBC programme. I've only watched one episode, but I'm going to give my opinion because I'm in the middle of coming to a compromise with my mom about posting outfit pictures. (internet safety freak *eyeroll*)
So, without further ado, here is my review. *drumroll*
I know they say fashion is a fast paced world, but this show takes it to a completely new level. Lets see, in the first episode our heroine who's name has escapen me;
-Quits her job for a Coco Chanel lookalike
-Has a famous actress want a dress she designed
-Gets asked for some sexual favours off the Male-French-Gay-Perverted version of Anna Wintour
-Falls in love
-Gets asked to create a label with a famous designer
-Gets bought a pair of YSL shoes
-Meets a former soldier woman
-Makes a dress for the former soldier woman
-Has the famous actress want that dress
-Pisses off soldier chick
-Becomes devestated when the actress doesn't wear her dress to the BAFTAS
-Eats a bag of chips on the side of the red carpet(lol)
-Has former solider woman turn up looking like a page 6 model in her dress
-Gets a bunch of flowers saying 'this is war' from Coco Chanel lookalike.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Fashion is like a drug to me. Really, I can't go a day without thinking about it-it just comes to my head naturally. I went so far as to sneek in a few minutes to check during school. I told me art teacher I was 'researching sculpture' when she asked what I was doing.
I have to admit, one my favourite part of fashion shows is not the fashion shows themselves, it's the things the people wear to the fashion shows. Obviously I do enjoy the runway looks more, and the style on the street outside of the couture shows left me feeling a little dry. I thought we were over studs and black and trying to look hardcore, ladies? People wearing the light pink 2.55 bag always make me jealous. Dear God I love that color so much. I just don't quite know how to wear it yet.
I want to wear my hair like the models at Chanel sososososo much. I need to DIY that bow, it's deeehleeeshusss.
The only person who wore something a little bit different was Tavi. She is so fierce, I find it amazing that a 14 year old managed to completely upstage a group of adults who have worked in fashion for years. The only outfit I saw her wearing was kind of like Anna Wintour on an acid trip. Colorful? Yes. Crazy? Yes. But it did have the basis of an Anna outfit- the glasses, the short hair, blahdeblahdeblah.
Anyway, the fashion shows.
Elie Saab- Bleh. I mean, I can't deny I wouldn't wear every single piece, but I feel like he really should have stepped it up a notch.
Givenchy-I really liked this. Not only did it feature Chanel(ILOVEYOUCHANELIMAN) but I am madly in love with those feathered pieces. This to me summed up what I have always thought of as haute couture- over the top, and a raw display of sheer talent. I liked the color pallette, honestly sometimes it did look a little cheap(not a huge fan of that purple) but other than that I liked it. The green is stunning. Having said that, these are probably my favourite looks of the whole show;

Jean Paul Gaultier; I'm not feeling this. It's just... well, was there any reason to brand the show? Couldn't you have just showed off your amazingamazing talent without the sombreros and cigars and denim? I would have loved to see more looks like this;

Valentino- Valentino is one of my favourite labels. If only for their bags, I always love their floaty and girly designs. I still don't understand this fascination with Avatar to be honest. Although I must add I haven't seen it, I just hope it lives up to my now high expectations when I see it. Some of the first few pieces looked like Rodarte and Herve Leger's lovechild, but eventually the collection came into its own. I liked it, but I didn't fall head over heels in love.

So, my favourite collection was probably Chanel, even if it was only for the fierce hair and the amazing bows-things. I am really craving one of those right now. How do I go about making one?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Tulle

I have a confession.
Although this blog is named tiaras and tulle, I do not own any clothing made from Tulle. I have eyed the skirts in River Island and H&M but since I no longer shop in H&M(srsly, donate those clothes to homeless people) and I cannot bring myself to pay 50 euros for a tutu in RI, no matter how mouth-wateringly pretty it is.
So, I decided to make myself something made from tulle and organza and other pretty things on the internet. I'm a bit of a virgin to DIY clothes. Sure, I've chopped the sleeves off my denim jacket when I got bitten by the Wang bug(for a very short period, may I add) and I've made a few headbands, which got a lot of compliments in school. With those aside, I don't really make clothes from scratch. Mainly because... I can't sew.
But anyway, I've found an amazing deal on Ebay. It's a buy it now for something like 24 metres of beautiful baby blue tulle for 3 pounds. Need I say more?
So, I'm gonna stock up on some lace, organza,finishings and of course a lot of tulle. With these I will try to make a pretty long skirt and a nice knee length one. I guess the long one will just be for playing around in, but I do plan on wearing the other one in public. What I'd really love to do is style the long one in a different one everyday for a week, but that's probably wishful thinking. Oh, how I wish I had the time to put together an outfit for this blog. Unfortunately, I don't. As soon as I get out of my bottle green uniform I put on pyjamas. Lazy, I know, but what's the use in causing myself even more uncomfort?
Anyway, one the subject of tulle, here's a few things I'd like my skirt to look like.

'Ecos' from St Trinians 2 (credit; you're a stardoll veteran like me you need to check this out)

Chanel 2010 couture skirt (did I mention I am even twitterpattered by this bow than the light pink one with the diamond in the middle Miu Miu did a while back?)
Ugh my mind has gone blank. I'm sure there's many more skirts that I love but I'm tired and it's pretty hard to concentrate on fashion when your little brother is playing sped-up versions of wrestler's entrance songs. While watching wrestling on TV. Glamorous life, no?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally my banner is done, I know its ugly but it'll do.
But more importantly, the couture shows have finally been posted on
I cannot tell you guys how long I have been waiting to feast my eyes on some haute couture. Yes, two days is agonizingly long when you have nothing else to look forward to except the weekend, double art and the arrival of your new handbag. My life is very dull without a little avante garde.
I'm still indifferent about Dior. Although anyone who features Chanel Iman, especially in a white dress(if I was a designer, I'd make a collection of all white, tulle dresses on black models) but I still feel that there was something missing. It's coming along quite nicely though. I love Armani Prive this year, I'm in love with whites, creams, light pinks and anything that is slightly washed out-looking. I guess the others are a little non-descript, although I didn't particularly like this collection, Alexis Mabille deserves honourable mention for having his models don two-toned hair. I have died my hair purple before, but I wasn't prepared and ended up looking like a wemo. I spent all my time inside and if I had to go out I wore black(which probably did not help the whole wemo thing). Anyway, I'm going to dye it a very jem-like color this year, over the summer of course. I couldn't get away with it in school.
Anyhow, I'd like to write more but I have exactly 10 minutes of power left and I have to study my irish.

Under Construction

Hey :]
I'm still trying to get this blog up and running, with banners and whatnot.
Anyhow, here's a brief overview of the blog.
I'm 14 and I spend all my time in school daydreaming about fashion.
I'm from Ireland, so Irish girls can look forward to getting the lowdown on my latest bargain finds.
This blog will consist of outfit posts, reviews, shopping tips, street style(If I can get any pictures without being called a very offensive name) and basically just fashion.
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration