Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally my banner is done, I know its ugly but it'll do.
But more importantly, the couture shows have finally been posted on style.com
I cannot tell you guys how long I have been waiting to feast my eyes on some haute couture. Yes, two days is agonizingly long when you have nothing else to look forward to except the weekend, double art and the arrival of your new handbag. My life is very dull without a little avante garde.
I'm still indifferent about Dior. Although anyone who features Chanel Iman, especially in a white dress(if I was a designer, I'd make a collection of all white, tulle dresses on black models) but I still feel that there was something missing. It's coming along quite nicely though. I love Armani Prive this year, I'm in love with whites, creams, light pinks and anything that is slightly washed out-looking. I guess the others are a little non-descript, although I didn't particularly like this collection, Alexis Mabille deserves honourable mention for having his models don two-toned hair. I have died my hair purple before, but I wasn't prepared and ended up looking like a wemo. I spent all my time inside and if I had to go out I wore black(which probably did not help the whole wemo thing). Anyway, I'm going to dye it a very jem-like color this year, over the summer of course. I couldn't get away with it in school.
Anyhow, I'd like to write more but I have exactly 10 minutes of power left and I have to study my irish.


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