Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Tulle

I have a confession.
Although this blog is named tiaras and tulle, I do not own any clothing made from Tulle. I have eyed the skirts in River Island and H&M but since I no longer shop in H&M(srsly, donate those clothes to homeless people) and I cannot bring myself to pay 50 euros for a tutu in RI, no matter how mouth-wateringly pretty it is.
So, I decided to make myself something made from tulle and organza and other pretty things on the internet. I'm a bit of a virgin to DIY clothes. Sure, I've chopped the sleeves off my denim jacket when I got bitten by the Wang bug(for a very short period, may I add) and I've made a few headbands, which got a lot of compliments in school. With those aside, I don't really make clothes from scratch. Mainly because... I can't sew.
But anyway, I've found an amazing deal on Ebay. It's a buy it now for something like 24 metres of beautiful baby blue tulle for 3 pounds. Need I say more?
So, I'm gonna stock up on some lace, organza,finishings and of course a lot of tulle. With these I will try to make a pretty long skirt and a nice knee length one. I guess the long one will just be for playing around in, but I do plan on wearing the other one in public. What I'd really love to do is style the long one in a different one everyday for a week, but that's probably wishful thinking. Oh, how I wish I had the time to put together an outfit for this blog. Unfortunately, I don't. As soon as I get out of my bottle green uniform I put on pyjamas. Lazy, I know, but what's the use in causing myself even more uncomfort?
Anyway, one the subject of tulle, here's a few things I'd like my skirt to look like.

'Ecos' from St Trinians 2 (credit; you're a stardoll veteran like me you need to check this out)

Chanel 2010 couture skirt (did I mention I am even twitterpattered by this bow than the light pink one with the diamond in the middle Miu Miu did a while back?)
Ugh my mind has gone blank. I'm sure there's many more skirts that I love but I'm tired and it's pretty hard to concentrate on fashion when your little brother is playing sped-up versions of wrestler's entrance songs. While watching wrestling on TV. Glamorous life, no?


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