Friday, January 29, 2010


Heads up Irish ladies- this weekend may be your lucky one.
Head down to Fairyhouse Market this Sunday.
If you can ignore the awful knockoff bags and bongs with stick figures in very personal poses, you can get yourself some great prices on MAC makeup.
I got myself 3 MAC items- Hello Kitty(limited edition) Lipgloss, Pink Slip eyeshadow(perfect for summer) and A purple glitter pot.
So far I really like the lipgloss and the eyeshadow. I'm really dissapointed with the glitter. Firstly, I didn't know it is not meant for your eyes. People still wear it on their eyes though, so I gave it a try. It just got my face full of purple glitter. What's really annoying is that it actually looks really cheap on your eyes. It's MAC for chrissakes! I thought this was supposed to be the Balenciaga of the makeup world?(Balenciaga probably have a makeup line, I'm just really not up on cosmetics.) I tried it on my lips but it just made them look dirty. When you wear the glitter on your eyes, it spreads all over it and leaves loads of gaps. It looks like a 7 year olds attempt at eye makeup. I thought it might look a bit like this;

no such luck. It just looks...messy. I have seen a few tutorials and I will give it another try to so don't just take my word for it, just know its not actually meant to go on the eyes. I bet it looks very pretty on the nails, though. If you really want to try one, I'd reccomend buying a more neutral shade of purple so that if worse comes to worst you can use it for something else.


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