Thursday, January 28, 2010


Fashion is like a drug to me. Really, I can't go a day without thinking about it-it just comes to my head naturally. I went so far as to sneek in a few minutes to check during school. I told me art teacher I was 'researching sculpture' when she asked what I was doing.
I have to admit, one my favourite part of fashion shows is not the fashion shows themselves, it's the things the people wear to the fashion shows. Obviously I do enjoy the runway looks more, and the style on the street outside of the couture shows left me feeling a little dry. I thought we were over studs and black and trying to look hardcore, ladies? People wearing the light pink 2.55 bag always make me jealous. Dear God I love that color so much. I just don't quite know how to wear it yet.
I want to wear my hair like the models at Chanel sososososo much. I need to DIY that bow, it's deeehleeeshusss.
The only person who wore something a little bit different was Tavi. She is so fierce, I find it amazing that a 14 year old managed to completely upstage a group of adults who have worked in fashion for years. The only outfit I saw her wearing was kind of like Anna Wintour on an acid trip. Colorful? Yes. Crazy? Yes. But it did have the basis of an Anna outfit- the glasses, the short hair, blahdeblahdeblah.
Anyway, the fashion shows.
Elie Saab- Bleh. I mean, I can't deny I wouldn't wear every single piece, but I feel like he really should have stepped it up a notch.
Givenchy-I really liked this. Not only did it feature Chanel(ILOVEYOUCHANELIMAN) but I am madly in love with those feathered pieces. This to me summed up what I have always thought of as haute couture- over the top, and a raw display of sheer talent. I liked the color pallette, honestly sometimes it did look a little cheap(not a huge fan of that purple) but other than that I liked it. The green is stunning. Having said that, these are probably my favourite looks of the whole show;

Jean Paul Gaultier; I'm not feeling this. It's just... well, was there any reason to brand the show? Couldn't you have just showed off your amazingamazing talent without the sombreros and cigars and denim? I would have loved to see more looks like this;

Valentino- Valentino is one of my favourite labels. If only for their bags, I always love their floaty and girly designs. I still don't understand this fascination with Avatar to be honest. Although I must add I haven't seen it, I just hope it lives up to my now high expectations when I see it. Some of the first few pieces looked like Rodarte and Herve Leger's lovechild, but eventually the collection came into its own. I liked it, but I didn't fall head over heels in love.

So, my favourite collection was probably Chanel, even if it was only for the fierce hair and the amazing bows-things. I am really craving one of those right now. How do I go about making one?


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