Friday, April 2, 2010

Shop the Closet

Today, while cleaning my room, I stumbled upon some of my forgotten gems. I spent probably half an hour untangeling necklaces, but it was worth it to re-discover some very on trend pieces which I have probably never even worn.

I think most of these brooches came from my Mum or my Granny. I'm pretty certain I've never worn any of them. The necklace came from my Mum. I really love it, it looks amazing with a really plain t-shirt. It's quite uncomfortable though. The Jack Skeleton necklace came from Disneyland Paris. I love it, The Nightmare Before Christmas is definately one of my favourite movies, and I adore Tim Burton. I've never really worn it though, I'll have to start wearing it again. Kind of like the anti- Alice in Wonderland piece in a way. Maybe that's just in my own head...(not that I'm anti Alice in Wonderland!)

I really like this cuff. I actually think it came from Claires Accesories.(!) I lived for the goodie bags and the 10 for 5 euro sales when I was about 10. I assume this is from a goodie bag. I just took my pink crap and ran, leaving some fairly pretty things behind. The ring came from Penneys. I thought I had lost it. I just love it. It looks pretty expensive, and it was 3 euro.

I think this actually came from the same Claire's goodie bag as the cuff. It's so Miu Miu, the sparrow is practically identical to the ones on the clothes. Words cannot describe how much I love that collection.

Unfortunately, not everything was quite as chic. Maybe I'll list this on Ebay as 'emo scene'? I know this also came from Penneys. I remember wearing this with a long black skirt, a plain white t-shirt and a floral waistcoat from H&M. I suppose the outfit wasn't too bad, but this tacky thing sort of ruins it. Oh well, I'm sure someone out there likes it.

I got a new banner, I had a girl from make it for me seeing as I am technically challenged. If you have any tips on making the layout of my blog more user friendly, please tell me, I've been trying all week to make it better, but to no luck. I'm awful at this.


beckyxoxo said...

Wow they are lovely ! You should wear them , then take photos then upload them to this blog ! ;) Anyway , have a nice weekend ! xoxox

beckyxoxo said...

Oh anyway I've linked you :)

fhen said...

love them all!
you should wear them :)
mind to exchange link?

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