Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Underwear as Outerwear.

This, in my eyes, is definately the hardest trend to pull off for the summer. But all hope is not lost. There are ways of looking like you're wearing your bra without really wearing your bra. Yep, it's a tromp de l'oeil, and it's going to become your best friend this summer.

This shirt from the lovely ASOS really gives the illusion of a bra with a supersized belt. It's not though. It's a tank, and it looks comfy, versatile and expensive. And at £35, it won't break the bank either.

Of course, Miu Miu. For me, it was Dior Couture that set this trend, but when translated into their RTW it just didn't work. It just wasn't wearable, it was too much like literal undwear. But, Miuccia worked it into something totally wearable, and so luxe. Words cannot describe how much I loved that collection. Maybe the latest Miu Miu collection didn't quite live up, but there were still some nice bits.

HOT. This dress from NastyGal totally screams glamour and sexyness. Dressed up or down, it's perfect and totally nails this trend, while still having a kind of timeless quality about it. I can see this being worn in a few years with whatever new, spangly jacket and boots are in trend then and looking amazing.

The man behind one of the most perfect bags in the world(DINNASAWWRS), Giles Deacon has created this very pretty little piece for New Look. The detailing is pretty amazing, everything is done completely out of sequins. And, of course, the cut out detail is band on trend. For £65, it's very reasonable, but it won't hang around for long, so get yours while you can.


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