Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Even though the weather is typically Irish(horrible), I am feeling ever so summery. I always end up packing waay too much stuff, so I decided to create a capsule suitecase, if you will, for inspiration for myself.

I would pack;
.2 pairs of pants for the aeroplane and those chillier days
.2 pairs of shorts because they are oh-so chic and versatile.
.1 skirt because it is so damn beautiful.
.3 pairs of shoes because, well, they are neccesary. In reality you probably need something a little more reliable, such as /ugh/sneakers.
.4 t-shirts/tanks/bra things because they are comfy and can be dressed up so many ways.
.1 fierce leather jacket for the colder days/airport.
.1 stunning, bold dress by McQueen for formal evenings, and for possibly dressing down with sandals and a nice headband.
.2 gorgeous bags. Chanel because it can go from day to night so easily, Balenciaga because you can toss all your stuff in it for the airport, and use it when you actually get there for those days when you need a jacket there just in case. Just pray the studs don't set off the metal detector.

And I am hopefully going to be heading to the Nokia Young Designer Awards on the weekend. I'll take pictures and put them up after.


beckyxoxo said...

This is such a cute idea ! Haha . Don't forget to take pictures while you're in that event ! xoxox

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