Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dress to impress.

Firstly, happy Mother's day to those on my side of the pond! :D
Anyway, my Mother's day outfit was pretty simple. I wore the vintage floral dress I wore (or rather, laid out on my bed) in the Marc Jacobs inspired outfit here;

As I sat at our dinner table, feeling very grand in a full length dress, I realized just how dressed up I was compared to the rest of my family. My mum looked good- don't get me wrong, but it wasn't all out. My grandparents generally look nice and polished, but nothing to write home about. My dad and younger brother live in their tracksuits and comfy stuff. My other little brother is too young to really comment on.
And this got me thinking. I feel like a big fish in a small pond, I really do. People in my area have a uniform that goes a little like this;
skinny jeans

WOW! The only pro of this is that anything I wear that's a little out of the ordinary looks like something from the pages of Vogue. I feel uncomfortable wearing my outlandish outfits. People make snarky comments and pass mocking looks to their other crowd following friends. I can pretend it doesn't effect me, but it does. I'm only human.
I am so obsessed with the olden day lifestyle. When people have appearances to keep up and reputations to build. And so much of these reputations were based on the way you dressed. But I want to sit around and dine and be a lady and then sit on a little chair and make polite conversation! I want to have a reason for the way I dress.
I'm not from a posh family, so the only way to have a reason for the way I dress is to either make up one or build yourself a lifestyle.


beckyxoxo said...

Hi my 14-year-old pal ! Haha . Ohh and you live in Ireland ! I also have a friend there :)

Anyway , that's exactly what I feel ! Sometimes I wear stylish clothes and everyone is starring at me . So sad . I really want to live in big cities with fashionable people like NY and Paris .

mariam said...

loev this post. i dont think i even dressed up for mothers day? haha but i love the olden day lifestyle too, especially the 50's era where everybody dressed gorgeously? if thats a word..

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