Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's a big yellow thing the sky!

Finally, the sun has decided to shine upon the warmth-deprived island we call Ireland, and make things slightly more bearable.
Well, for a few hours at least. Then the wind picked up and everyone sighed and went back inside, peeling off their gladiators and pulled off their sunglasses.
But, it still made me happy.

All I want to wear this summer is;

When I made this, I thought I was rich. I thought I had enough money to buy a Wang-a-like bag from Ebay, and a big silver cuff from there too, and still have enough left over for McQueen Snake Effect Leggings if they go on sale. Then I counted my money and realized I didn't have enough for any of them. BGUNEDM SHIT.
But I've decided to just save my money and get the leggings. Anyway, back on topic.
What I really want to do this summer is take basic articles of clothing for the base of my outfit, then add a classic, identifiable but not in your face bag, and some big chunk costume jewellery. It's easy to take in your suitcase, it's comfy, and it's chic. What more could anyone want?


H A N N A H ♥ said...

oooh cute outfits :)
defo buy the leggings!



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