Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So, yesterday for my birthday I went to the Style Museum and shopping. I have some pictures and I'll upload them later.
For now, here's a strange similarity that I spotted while watching Gok's Fashion Fix last night. Flake Advert and Kate Moss for a McQueen Show? Yes, yes indeed.

Oh, and I thought the dress the woman in the Flake advert was the Oyster dress by McQueen but it turns out it's by Anthony Prince... Hmmm...

I suppose this is kind of a reflection of the influence his shows have had on the world... this is not the first time I've noticed a similarity between his shows and other TV adverts.
Oh, and just out of interest, would that ad actually make you want to eat the chocolate? I mean, the dress could've at least been brown or something.

Looks like the people over at McQueen saw this advert too...


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