Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I learned from the Met Gala.

1) Chanel Iman will always make my heart skip a beat, regardless of what she's wearing.

2)André Leon Talley is the funniest man in fashion. (that scene in The September Issue where he is playing tennis with his Louis Vuitton cases for, well, what? cracked me up.)

3)The 'For Gap' gowns stole the show.

4)Everytime I see Nicole Richie, her hair is completely different.

5) Chanel(background, walking up the stairs) looks like something from a cheesy but cool sci-fi where all of fashion's favourite people are transported to a different planet and they have sliding doors like in Star Trek. Oh and did I mention I love Chanel Iman?

6) Ew, she's back with that scumbag?

7) Miu Miu owns my soul.

8) It should be illegal for a 17 year old to be 6'5.

9) Katy Perry makes me think of a That's So Raven episode I watched when I was 10 where she makes a denim suit that lights up and she ends up going on fire. Or something. (not a good thing, putting lights on a dress doesn't make you edgy.)

10) I love the Met Gala.


rebecca said...

It's always an interesting event :p


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